Whether you need Calgary heater rentals or light tower rentals for your oilfield or construction project, it is imperative that you choose quality equipment that will effectively aid your operations while ensuring you get the most benefits in terms of employee productivity. Below are important points to consider when looking to rent heaters and light towers for use in your oilfield operations.

Calgary Heater Rentals

The ground must be kept warm to allow concrete to set properly before you can put up any buildings or structures on its surface. Thankfully, Calgary heater rentals present you with the opportunity to rent heating and thawing equipment. When you choose to deal with a reputable company specializing in oilfield and construction equipment, you shall be provided with highly skilled service crews who will lay down, operate and remove the equipment, thereby ensuring your project can continue running smoothly again.

In reality, if you cannot thaw the frozen ground, then it would be extremely difficult to carry on with your project. In such a case, ground thaw solutions available for contractors come in handy for those who wish to keep their budgets and schedules on track. Note that a well-configured thaw system is able to conduct as much as 94% of the heat it produces directly to the earth.

Personalized and Consultative Approach

Most companies specializing in oilfield and construction equipment rentals will design a well-tailored solution that caters to the specific needs and requirements of your project. You should, therefore, bear this in mind before you engage any of the companies offering these products.

Numerous Equipment Configuration Options

When considering Calgary heater rentals and other equipment, you’ll gladly discover that there are numerous configuration options. Whether component or trailered, running propane, natural gas, or diesel, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Light Tower Rentals

Without proper light tower rentals, a workable day would be significantly shortened and the productivity of the entire team working at an oilfield would drastically reduce. However, renting the latest models of light towers produced by the leading manufacturers allows your crew to get the most work done every workable day while providing a major boost to productivity.

The design of the modern light towers allows them to give sufficient light on the work site without causing shadowing or glare. Furthermore, the light towers provide a more consistent lighting power to virtually all areas of a work site.

If your typical workday carries on well after the sun sets, then light tower rentals will certainly come in handy. The power and light of the tow-able light towers, when used on the job site, are capable of lighting up many acres of the job area. Besides lighting up your job site, the providers of the relevant equipment can also provide power supply for powering small tools, job site trailers and other equipment.

Through light tower rentals and Calgary heater rentals, your workers actually get to utilize and get the most from every single work day. Furthermore, your crew will get a boost in productivity, thereby enabling you to keep your schedule and budget on track.