November 2015



A jewellery store is designed to cater to those seeking jewels with a variety of worldwide quality and designs at local prices. Every jewel in jewellery stores in Winnipeg is a hand-picked work of art. The collection of jewels includes the premium platinum jewellery, diamond jewellery, gemstones and elite plain gold jewellery or custom-made designs for customers.

Most jewellery stores in Winnipeg have a variety of monthly sales for a particular period that allow low-class and middle-class families buy jewels easily at an affordable cost. Some people invest in 2, 4, or 8 grams of gold coins for a specific period, such as 12 or 18 months and during the subsequent month of the last month, they will buy gold, platinum, or diamond jewellery for the value of the invested gold plus bonus gold. For each piece of jewel purchased, these stores offer their customers a jewellery warranty card valid forever. This guarantee card confirms that the customer has purchased a genuine jewellery piece, thus ensuring the quality and value of the product.

Any jewellery store in Winnipeg offers their customers sizing and repairing of their products whenever necessary. These include:

v Sizing up or down for nearly all rings.

v Increase or decrease the length of a chain.

v Sizing of bracelets and bangles.

v Rhodium plating and polishing

Each jewellery store in Winnipeg have their own competent gemologists evaluators on staff to serve their customers. Their services include jewellery assessments and repairs, custom jewellery designs, insurance replacements and marriage commissions.

Most jewellery stores in Winnipeg create jewellery, which is modern in approach and design. The handmade jewels in their collection are intended to suit all occasions. Each jewel is prepared to complement the other. As the style of each customer is unique, their jewels will reflect the individual style of each and every customer . Customers can mix and match an attractive pendant necklace with a plain earring for their office, or a chubby beaded wristlet for a cocktail night with their friends. Whatever your taste and style, these jewellery stores have something to best suit your style and taste.

Some jewelers in the neighborhood also do appraisals for both the public and trade and offer a comprehensive appraisal service. Their appraisals are comprised of descriptions of all diamonds and colored stone Jewels that are rated by the GIA system and market conditions. Their appraisal service also includes providing customers with a digital picture of the jewel.

Almost all jewelers in the area offer clients unique diamond earrings, wedding bands, custom designs and family rings. They also have designs from Swarovski, Pandora, Steelx, ELLE Canada, in addition to Bulova and Belair for all seasons.

You can mark any special event with a gorgeous piece of custom jewellery in Winnipeg. Each jewellery shop in the area is an on-site specialist, and they can craft a necklace, ring, or watch to match your precise specifications. Some stores also repair older jewels, or customize the piece to suit a novel design, whereas some others sell, buy and repair platinum, gold, diamond and silver jewellery.



An eye exam is an assessment done by an optometrist in order to determine the condition of the eye. This is a regular check that people are always advised to undergo to prevent and treat eye problems that may cause vision impairment. The procedure normally lasts about 30-40 minutes and can sometimes go beyond, depending on the needs of the patient. The optometrist will ask a lot of questions relating to your vision, overall health, and medical history to determine if the problem is genetic.

Optometrists are highly trained eye specialists who have vast knowledge and experience to perform these exams. If the result indicates that there is a problem with your vision or eye-health, the expert will come up with a treatment plan to solve the problem or refer you to a qualified physician for treatment. This usually occurs if the problem is beyond his or her professional capacity to handle, or if the patient is not responding well to treatment. The exam is performed to detect cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy. The following take place during eye examination:

– Your doctor will ask questions to determine if you are experiencing any vision problems and your medical history assessed

– Your visual acuity will be measured

– The pressure of the eye is measured

– Optometrist assesses your front eye and inside of both eyes using several lights

– Then the doctor shares whatever results he or she comes up with and addresses all of your questions

What the examination entails

Test for visual acuity

With this test, you will be asked different alphabetical letters shown on a screen that is placed at some distance or printed on a chart (Snellen chart). This will determine how clearly you can see as each eye is tested separately to obtain accurate results.

Testing your eye muscle

This test is done to determine whether there is poor coordination, weaknesses in the muscle, or if muscle control is poor. The eye muscle controls your eye movement; therefore, the doctor will watch your eye movements when your eyes follow a moving object.

Examining refraction of light

When light waves are not focused correctly at the back of your eye, then it means you have a refractive error. Light rays are supposed to bend when they pass through the cornea and lens. If this is not possible, the doctor will prescribe corrective lenses or glasses. You can get the right Calgary glasses in the Alberta area.

Slit-lamp examination

The doctor uses a microscope with an intense line of light to magnify and illuminate the front of your eyes. The light is used to examine your cornea, eyelids, lens, lashes, fluid chamber between the cornea and iris, as well as the iris itself.

Aberrometers and autorefractors

These devices are used to determine the type of lenses needed in order for light to be focused on the retina. With these devices doctors spend less time examining the eye and recommending eyewear that suits your eyes.

Calgary glasses are prescribed to patients by doctors, as they are affordable and work effectively for eye problems. You can rest assured that these glasses will not damage your eye, as they are best on the results of your eye test and are meant to improve your vision.

Therefore, for the best eye exam and treatment, you should visit a qualified optometrist for early detection and treatment.