June 2018


Both emergency vehicles and police vehicles in Edmonton need sufficient lighting to warn pedestrians and other vehicles that they are approaching. The lights are helpful for clearing paths for emergency vehicles in Edmonton. Additionally, they legitimize the vehicles and show criminals as well as individuals waiting for emergency medical attention that they are on the move. The lighting component is essential for emergency vehicles because it attracts attention, issues warnings to promote safety, and alerts pedestrians and drivers.

Emergency Lighting For Police Vehicles in Edmonton

Police officers take on a broad range of tasks. For this reason, they utilize different types of emergency lights. The lights come in handy for controlling traffic, undertaking patrols, pursuing criminals and generally making areas safe. To fulfill the numerous roles, police officers use different types of lighting, which include the following:

  1. Light Bars

LED light bars come in different sizes, from the mini versions to the full-size models. The lights are ideal for attending to road incidents and accidents or sectioning off a given area of a residential street or highway with the objective of protecting the public. The light bars can be attached permanently or popped on and off – useful for undercover officers.

  1. Dash Lights

These provide additional lighting, thus making them suitable for working during nightfall. The dash lights are discreet and easier to install on police vehicles in Edmonton. They can also be activated incredibly fast, which makes them a superb option for police vehicles and other operations.

Lighting For Emergency Vehicles in Edmonton

The modern firefighter does not just hose down burning buildings. Their job descriptions go far beyond the regular training. Firefighters today are sufficiently trained to offer assistance to paramedics and police handling road accidents, monitoring traffic, clearing debris that has fallen on the road, and managing hazardous and toxic substances. Since fire trucks and other emergency vehicles in Edmonton serve different purposes, they are fitted with emergency lights. Below are some of the common lighting options installed in fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

  1. Light Bars

LED light bars come in handy in many scenarios requiring a lot of illumination. For instance, first responders or emergency crew working in dark conditions or in scenarios where the fog is heavy can greatly benefit from LED light bars that provide a higher intensity of light than the regular options, thereby making rescue operations more effective. The lights come in different sizes and can be customized to tackle various emergency scenarios.

  1. Grille & Surface Lights

These are ideal for volunteer firefighters that prefer to drive with no visible warning lights. With this portable, highly functional lighting option, first responders and rescuers can determine when and where they prefer to use the emergency lights.

When considering your lighting options for emergency vehicles in Edmonton and police vehicles in Edmonton, it is important that you talk to specialists about your requirements. Whether your fleet of emergency vehicles is comprised of fire trucks, police vehicles, or ambulances, special light bars, light controllers and siren speakers will certainly ensure your team is safe while executing their duties.