August 2018


Self storage services offer an excellent way to store some of your possessions and make life easier. The belongings are kept for you at a time when they’re a burden, and you can have them back when the situation allows. Self storage can even help you keep valuables where safety is guaranteed. The benefits of storage services include:

Creating Space in Your Home

Most of the time, you will want to get rid of some stuff in your home to create space. Self storage units provide for a better way to do it. You will not have to sell or destroy anything, and you can have your possessions back once space isn’t an issue.

Convenience When Travelling or Moving

When travelling or moving, you can have your belongings safely stored until you’re able to take them back. Students breaking for holidays can also travel without carrying a thing, allowing them to travel with ease.

Reducing Risk

Some items in your home are too valuable to be kept there. You need a more secure place that isn’t open to intruders. Self storage companies will help keep your valuables safe, away from where they can be damaged or stolen.

How to Choose Your Self Storage in Chilliwack

Finding a reliable company offering the services of self storage in Chilliwack can be a challenge. There are many of these companies, each with its own way of providing storage. To help you find the right one, look out for these qualities:

  1. Customer service

You want your needs for storage in Chilliwack solved, so the company’s customer service should be excellent. You can get a hint of how you will be treated right at the start of your communication with them. The way they reply to emails, or how helpful they sound on the phone will tell you everything you need to know.

  1. Accessibility

You may need your possessions at any time, and the self storage company you choose should allow for that. Some companies make use of biometrics to allow their customers to access their storage units easily.

  1. Security

Because the possessions you store with the company may include valuable items, the level of security of the storage unit matters a lot. The company you choose for self storage in Chilliwack should be secure from theft, as well as fire. Security measures include installation of cameras, alarms, the presence of security guards, and more.

  1. Facility Conditions

A self storage facility needs to show commitment to cleanliness to ensure customers’ belongings don’t get dirtied over time. The conditions should also be kept pest-free by having regular pest inspections and exterminations.

  1. Cost

The cost of self storage will depend the type of services being offered. Prices will also vary from company to company, and you want to look for rates that are reasonable; not too low as to raise eyebrows and not too high as to seem unfair.

When choosing a company for self storage in Chilliwack, exercise due diligence. Find out more about their customer service, about the technologies they use to ensure security, and more. Once you’re satisfied, rent a storage unit from them and enjoy the convenience of having someone take care of your belongings.