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Impaired driving is a serious offence which can lead to serious consequences including revocation of driving licenses, huge fines and even jail term. When you are arrested or charged with DUI, it is advisable to look for the best Calgary lawyer to help you fight the charges.

Even though most people think that there is no need for having a lawyer represent you in a DUI case, hiring a Calgary DUI lawyer is your best option to fight these charges. In the event you are charged with a hit and run offence, your Calgary hit and run lawyer will help you in a number of ways including; clearing your name or getting a favorable sentencing program. A good DUI lawyer has years of experience and knowledge in dealing with such cases and knows how to use the legal system to their advantage.

Once contacted your lawyer will first explain to you the exact nature of the charges against you and the penalties and fines.

Investigate Your Charges

Any good lawyer will use his team of investigators, legal assistants and paralegals to thoroughly investigate the hit and run or DUI charges brought against you. They will visit the incident location to gather essential proof and interview any potential witnesses that may be used to clear your name.

Look At the Police Arresting Procedure

Your Calgary impaired driving lawyer will then take a look at the procedure used by the police to detain, test, arrest and charge you. Facts to check include,

  • How you were stopped and why?
  • How the Alcohol testing procedure was done to determine your level of intoxication
  • Conduct of the police during arrest,

Any deviation from the standard procedure by the police will result in you walking free by a technicality as any evidence collected outside standard guidelines cannot be used in a court of law.

Negotiate A Deal

The best Calgary hit and run lawyer will handle all negotiations and plea deal discussions with the prosecution. If you are a first time offender, your lawyer will negotiate for a reduction in charges to reckless driving which has less penalties and the case will not need to go on trial.

If you are not a first time offender and no one was hurt, your lawyer will try to negotiate a suitable deal that does not include jail term such as participating in community service while attending counseling sessions or any other suitable punishment that does not involve jail term.

Get Your License Back

Once arrested and charged with DUI or hit and run, your license will likely be suspended. Your lawyer will appeal against your license suspension and get it reactivated until your case is determined. This is very important especially if you rely on your vehicle for your transportation needs.

Defend You in Court

If your impaired driving charges are brought before a judge, any good Calgary attorney will be able to defend you by relying on witness accounts and using expert witnesses to raise questions on the credibility of the prosecution claims. Your lawyer will come up with the best defense strategy to let you off the hook. In the event things don’t go your way and you are found guilty of DUI, your Calgary lawyer will get you the best sentencing program.