If you are involved in oil and gas industry operations, you definitely know the importance of coiled tubing solutions. Coiled tubing is a time- and cost-effective solution for different well-intervention operations. Rather than removing your tubing from the well as in the case of workover rigs, here coiled tubing is normally inserted in the initial tubing during the production. This enables you to fix problems within the well without having to dismantle everything.

Coiled Tubing and Other Oilfield Solutions in Lloydminster

If your oilfield operations are in Lloydminster and you are looking for quality coiled tubing and other related equipment and services, you will find companies that are capable of assisting. They have a range of powerful equipment and teams of highly qualified individuals that are dedicated to providing very creative, effective and reliable solutions. Whether you need e-coil tubing equipment or a coil pipe in Lloydminster for your operations, these experts can help. They can offer you:

  1. E-Coil Tubing Equipment

These companies have highly advanced electric coil tubing equipment that can be used to fix production logging problems. Here, an electric wire line conductor cable is normally placed in the coiled tubing. You can use the electric coiled tubing to convey production logging and to acquire the inflow profile data while pumping nitrogen in order to lift well production. If you need superior quality e-coil tubing equipment for your well intervention, these experts can offer you the best.

  1. Well Logging

Well-logging refers to the whole practice of creating a comprehensive record of the penetrated geological formations during the borehole drilling process. Ideally, such logs may be taken by taking different samples through rigorous visual inspection or by using special measuring instruments that are lowered into the borehole. During this process, rock and fluid formations are normally tested and the data is recorded on the logs.

  1. Nitrogen Services

Nitrogen is a colourless and odourless non-hydrocarbon inert gas that is used for different functions in drilling, workover or completion phases of the oil and gas wells. Moreover, it is also used in the purging of pipelines. Widely used in offshore and onshore situations, some of the applications for the gas include:

  1. a) Well stimulation, injection & pressure testing
  2. b) Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  3. c) Reservoir pressure maintenance
  4. d) Nitrogen floods & inert gas lift

If you need nitrogen services at your well, these companies can help.

  1. Well Abandonment

No matter how productive it may be, the economic life of your well is bound to come to an end eventually. And when that time comes, these companies have dedicated specialists that can help in ensuring safe and effective well abandonment. They will ensure that the process is done in an environmentally-friendly manner without posing any dangers to the ecosystem.

The companies also offer pressure testing, pipeline cleanouts, sleeve shifting, and completion and flush by services. They can also handle acidizing, foaming and drill outs. They have an assortment of advanced equipment and machinery that can handle all kinds of projects. Whether you need e-coil tubing equipment or a coil pipe in Lloydminster, you can trust these companies to meet your needs.

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