Washing machines are available in different styles and sizes. A single unit cannot fully meet the different needs of people who use this equipment in Laundromats, on-site facilities, or even at home. This explains why there are different styles to choose from. If you are in the market for a commercial or industrial washing machine in Mississauga, there are four main types to choose from. Once you have understood the different types of commercial washers and decided on the best for you, you should find a reliable dealer to buy the equipment from. Reliable dealers have washing machines from reputable manufacturers, and knowledgeable staff to explain how each of the machines works.

Top Loader

Top loading washers were the most common types in homes, but front loaders have become very common today. A top loader has a door on the top where your laundry goes in. This commercial washer type is considered easier to use compared to a front loader since you do not have to bend to get your laundry inside. A top load washer normally has a drum inside which has an agitator that offers the washing action. Many people buy top load washing machines because they are very easy to use. Top loaders come with many advantages, including that you can stop the cycle to add a piece of laundry that you forgot. Top load washers also have short wash cycles, as well as more capacity for bigger items such as comforters and sleeping bags.

Front Loader

With front load washing machines, you put in the laundry from the front. If you are working in an on-site laundry facility, you might find it cumbersome to use a front load industrial washing machine in Mississauga, as you will have to bend to put in laundry and to empty the loads. Nonetheless, front loaders are known to be more efficient in energy and water usage. A front load washing machine uses approximately 1/3 of the water used by a top loader.

Washer Extractor

This commercial washer is often used in health care facilities and hotels. This machine is able to extract more water using less energy than a normal washer does. After a wash cycle, the laundry load is transferred to a distinct hydro extractor. A washer extractor can provide continuous batch washing. With some washer extractor models, you will not even require the drying step for linens. The linens can proceed straight to ironing without passing through a tumble dryer, making your work easier.

 Continuous Batch Washer

This type of industrial washing machine in Mississauga is suitable for high volume laundry facilities. Laundry batches can be processed with a constant output from soiled to dry at preset intervals. This washer is also known as a tunnel washer. A continuous batch washer has different sections that make up every step of the washing process. Besides, the machine can control the temperature, dip level and chemicals to customize each load.

Once you have determined the type of commercial washer that is most suitable for you, ensure that you buy it from a reliable dealer.

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