Winnipeg siding might be one of the most popular choices for home remodels but that doesn’t mean you need to settle with the same siding that everyone else uses. Sure, vinyl siding is versatile but you’ve got a lot of choices. When it comes time to replace the Winnipeg siding on your home you should really take the time to consider all of your options. Here are some of the leading materials, including vinyl that people often choose for their home:

Vinyl Siding –

People like vinyl siding not because it’s pretty or rare and alluring, but because it’s cheap and weather resistant. Vinyl will hold up to regular wear and tear for decades with minimal if any maintenance. You don’t paint it or stain it or seal it you just hang it and wash it once in a while. It comes in a variety of colors and that’s the color (if not the hue) it stays for the rest of its life. It can be acquired in various designs also, such as lap, fish scale, and shakes. Newer vinyl even has energy efficient backing now. It does have a lot going for it.

Wood –

Wood has a rustic beauty all its own, especially when it is a natural wood grain that has been stained and sealed to show off its inherent qualities. It is still quite popular although a towering wood clad home can seem a bit out of place in a block full of brick ranch style houses. When selecting wood keep in mind that wood tends to look better in a less developed setting like out in the country or in a neighborhood with lots of trees. The other thing is that wood has natural enemies and will eventually succumb to the elements and the insects out there that feed on it.

Engineered Wood –

This type of wood siding refers to any type of hardboard or plywood that is manufactured in sheets and panels for the purpose of siding. The benefit here is that you can get a variety of textures and styles, just like manufactured vinyl siding.

Metal Siding –

There is one thing to remember with metal siding – bare unprotected metal will corrode quickly because of the oxygen in the air and water vapor around it. Mar the surface and you are sure to see damage start spreading from it through your metal siding. However, metal siding is still very popular because it requires very little maintenance and is resistant against fire, flying embers, windblown debris, insects; it does not get brittle with age like vinyl and resists some other nuisances that can damage other types of siding.

Brick –

Brick is timeless and will always have its place. Many homeowners like to combine certain siding choices, including brick and vinyl siding. Brick itself is made from fired clay and engineered. While it looks attractive, the brick needs to be supported from the foundation of the home in order to remain sturdy. Thankfully, brick can be manufactured in a variety of colors and shapes so if you do pair it with other types of siding, you can match the colors perfectly to create an accent or elegant contrast.

Whatever you choose, always remember that you can rarely go wrong with vinyl siding. If you’re unsure of which material to choose, you can always consult with a home designer or general contractor. Sometimes all it takes is a little input to find the perfect siding for your home’s exterior in Winnipeg.


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