Whether it is as a result of an electrical fault, an explosion from a gas cylinder, arson or pure negligence, fire outbreaks are potentially disastrous occurrences that should be combated as quickly as possible. However, this can only be achieved by fitting your building with the right kind of fire protection system. Luckily, there are numerous well-equipped companies that have specialized in providing topnotch fire protection solutions and related services.

Fire Protection Experts in Calgary

If you are in Calgary and want to fit your new building with the best fire protection system or replace the one you currently have in your home or commercial premises, you will find renowned and trustworthy companies that can help. They usually supply a range of modern fire prevention solutions that will help in ensuring that fire does not raze your property, damage your valuables and even endanger lives. Whether you are looking for experts in dry sprinkler systems, or fire pumps in Calgary, these companies can help. They normally deal in:

  1. Dry Sprinkler Systems

These are great fire protection systems that feature nitrogen or pressurized air in the piping. When there is a fire, and the high temperatures surpass the threshold, the sprinkler head will quickly open, allowing water to flow through in order to extinguish the fire. These systems are largely used in extremely cold spaces, which are prone to freezing temperatures. These companies have skilled experts that usually handle the designing, installation and repair of these types of sprinkler systems.

  1. Fire Pumps and Controllers

These are special control panel devices containing different electrical components like relays, circuit-breakers and switches that usually help in operating the fire pump. Ideally, fire pumps are mainly used in those areas where the water pressure may not be sufficient for conventional sprinkler systems. And these companies have qualified and certified journeymen that are skilled in designing, installing and repairing different types of fire pumps as well as controllers for different industries. If you are looking for reliable suppliers of the best fire pumps in Calgary, these companies can help.

  1. Special Hazard Systems

These are very unique fire suppression systems that can protect facilities with high-value assets from experiencing irreparable damage. For instance, they can be used in medical facilities, control rooms, as well as data processing centres. Some of the available options include the foam (or water) deluge sprinkler systems, as well as waterless sprinkler systems that normally use either inert gases or chemicals to extinguish fires. As soon as a fire is detected, the water, foam, inert chemical or gas will be released through the sprinkler head in order to help with putting out the fire.

Other fire protection systems that these companies normally offer include deluge systems, wet sprinkler systems, pre-action systems, as well as antifreeze sprinkler systems. In addition, they also have skilled technicians that can handle every aspect of the system installation, testing, inspection, maintenance and servicing. They have everything under one roof. Whether you are looking for dealers of the best dry sprinkler systems, or fire pumps in Calgary, these companies have you fully covered.

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