Are you looking for clever ways to save on your event’s food and beverage costs without doling out tickets for drinks or leaving your guests searching for open fast food joints come midnight? Below we share some helpful tips suggested by specialists in event catering in Calgary.

  1. Pay Attention to the Timeline

It is important that you keep the event short and sweet. By controlling the event’s duration, you get the opportunity to reduce catering costs significantly. When having a cocktail reception, it should ideally be over in three hours, as opposed to having a cocktail hour that precedes dinner and dessert that would typically last approximately five hours. Providers of professional catering suggest the plan, as your guests will enjoy the ability to mingle freely with other guests instead of viewing it as a skimping measure.

  1. Promotional Opportunities

To lower staffing fees, most providers of event catering in Calgary suggest that you consider a theme that incorporates local restaurants or special food products. You can even provide a food station for the restaurants and food products.

  1. Cut Down on Labour Costs

When planning to have smaller events such as executive dinners or boardroom meetings, it is highly unlikely that you’ll need servers. If you are cost-conscious even as you consider catering, then it is advisable that you consider having an un-staffed catering event. In such a case, you may hire specialists in event catering in Calgary to prepare the food, prep the room, and provide recommendations with guidance on monitoring and refreshing. This cuts down on staffing needs and lowers your catering costs as well.

  1. Control the portions

Even though the option of sit-down meals is generally pricier, as it requires more staffing for meal preparations and serving, food stations and buffets are not really a bargain either, since you would require serving pieces, linens, and larger food quantities. By allowing guests to serve themselves, food portion control is lost and buffets require additional upkeep.

  1. Keep The Limited Offerings At The Bar More Appealing

If you wish to control the costs at your event’s bar, specialists in catering in Calgary suggest limiting the bar offerings to beer, wine, and a specialty drink. You can actually save more by having a specialty cocktail with no spirits. A cocktail of sparkling wine that features seasonal flavours does wonders.

  1. No Special Glassware

Pick a glass that will work perfectly for all your beverages. When you choose to rent glassware in different sizes and shapes, you might end up getting more glasses per guest than if you use one type of glassware. Furthermore, having glassware in one style makes for a contemporary and sleek bar setup.

  1. Venue selection

You save on rental bills by choosing an events venue with a kitchen. A site with less in terms of kitchen equipment means you end up footing more costs to rent items such as generators, tents, and clean water supply. Venues incorporating flexible times are beneficial, as they allow party rental companies to streamline pickups in their schedules.

As you plan your next event, remember to implement the tips suggested by catering specialists and lower your bill significantly.

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