Choosing the right mechanic to handle your transmission repairs in Edmonton can be a daunting task. You have to do some research and compare a few mechanics to get the best. Your choice of a mechanic will determine whether you will get quality workmanship for a durable repair or not. Repairing both automatic and manual transmissions is not an easy job, so it should be done by the best in this field. A reliable mechanic will be able to explain what is wrong with your transmission and what should be done to repair it. It is important to hear from an expert what the problem with your transmission is and what the solution is. This reduces the chance of being ripped off. The following are some things to consider when choosing a mechanic for transmission repair and other car repair services.

Consider Qualifications

Before choosing a mechanic to repair manual transmissions, ask them about their qualifications. Ensure that the mechanic has attained the right training in this field and is fully certified by the relevant associations. To qualify for certification, a mechanic has to have attained the right training and passed the right examinations in this field. Certified mechanics offer quality services.

Check Experience

Ensure that the mechanic you hire for transmission repairs in Edmonton has several years of experience in this field. Ask a potential mechanic how long they have been offering auto repair services and avoid those with less than five years of experience. Many years of experience are a sign of reliability and quality workmanship. Besides, this is a competitive business and no mechanic would last long if his or her services were less than perfect.

Read Reviews

In addition to considering a mechanic’s qualifications and experience, you might also want to read reviews from other clients. A mechanic with many positive reviews from past customers is likely to provide you with quality services. You can research reviews online to see what other people think about a mechanic you are interested in. Organizations like the Better Business Bureau will also have information on different service providers. Avoid mechanics with more horror stories than praise, as this could be an indication of poor service quality.

Ask About Warranties

Before choosing a potential mechanic for any auto repair service, it is wise to ask about warranties. You will be happy to schedule your transmission repairs in Edmonton when you are sure that the mechanic offers a full warranty on their workmanship. This warranty will cover you against any mechanical issues that could arise after your car has been repaired. A mechanic who is ready to warrant their work is sure of their ability to offer quality auto repairs. Avoid mechanics that have a problem guaranteeing their work.


Cost is also an important thing to consider when choosing a mechanic to repair manual transmissions, and to complete other auto repair services. The cost of transmission repairs in Edmonton might vary from one mechanic to another, so do some cost comparison before making your choice. Choose a mechanic who offers quality yet affordable auto repairs.