An increasing number of homeowners today are realizing the many benefits of gas fireplaces. However, some homeowners still refuse to move from the much beloved and time-tested wood fireplaces. If you are building a new home and you are not sure whether to install a gas fireplace or stick with a wood fireplace, this article will help you make your decision. Here are some reasons why you should drop the old, tired technology of wood fireplaces and adopt the new and better gas technology.


Fireplaces that use gas are very cost effective to install as well as operate. These fireplaces are cheaper than the common wood fireplaces. The operating cost of these fireplaces are minimal compared to wood fireplaces, particularly for people living in remote or very wet areas where wood might be very expensive. If you are looking to install a cost effective fireplace in New Westminster, you should consider one that uses gas.


A fireplace that uses gas does not leave any residue after it burns. After ignition, all byproducts of the gas combustion process will dissipate. A wood fireplace, on the other hand, leaves large amounts of ash for the homeowner to clean. If you are looking for a clean fireplace in New Westminster that will not require regular cleaning, then you should consider one that uses gas.

Ease of Use

Using a gas fireplace is very easy. This is very beneficial, especially when you get home on a chilly evening. A normal wood fireplace needs a properly-built fire, matchboxes and a lot of patience. If you have ever tried building a fire, then you know it can be a hit-and-miss exercise. The last thing any homeowner wants to be worrying about during those cold nights of winter is whether the fire will sustain itself or not. Installing a fireplace that uses gas saves you from such worry. Turning on the fire will only require you to walk to the fireplace and press a button.

Speed and Efficiency

Normal wood fires can take about ten minutes to get to a temperature enough to heat a medium-sized room. A fireplace that uses gas, on the other hand, heats up almost immediately, and runs at full temperature seconds after ignition. This is a major benefit, particularly when you get home late at night and the only thing on your mind is getting some heat immediately. At such times, it can be very frustrating to try building a log fire that keeps going out and takes forever to heat the room.

 Versatile Installation

A gas fireplace does not require a chimney, meaning it is much easier to install in a new or existing home. These fireplaces are easier and faster to install. Even if you need to remove the fireplace from your home later on, the process is still easy.

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one and looking for a fireplace in New Westminster that is cost-effective, clean, easy to use, efficient and easy to install, you should consider a gas fireplace.

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