As some people wonder what the government is doing about its policies surrounding bird control in Victoria, most people are less concerned about bird control in Victoria and more concerned about bed bug infestations which are at an all time high in Canada. Bed bugs have a notorious history for being extremely difficult to eradicate once they have established themselves in your property. In this article we’ll take a look at why bed bugs are so difficult to get rid of.

Physical Characteristics

One of the reasons why bed bugs are so difficult to remove is the fact that they are small and flat. These characteristics gives them the ability to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces. As such, they can hide in places where you would never think of looking for them such as behind loose wallpaper, electrical switch plates and loose floor tiles, for example. And based on the fact that you have to eliminate every single bed bug in order for you to successfully eradicate an infestation, the task of doing so can prove to be extremely difficult indeed.

Reproduction Cycle

Secondly, bed bugs multiply quickly. Just one single female can lay as many as 500 eggs within her lifetime. While this may not seem like much, the average lifespan of a bed bug is 6-12 months. Therefore, a large infestation of bed bugs can lead to the birth of tens of thousands of bed bugs within one single year. It’s also worth noting that they reproduce more quickly between the temperatures of 60 degrees and 82 degrees fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this is right within the range of where most people keep their thermostats.

Feeding Habits

Additionally, bed bugs can go without feeding for a remarkably long time. Studies have been documented that showed that adult bed bugs can live up to 550 days (18 months) without feeding. As such, the concept of leaving your place of residence for a few months with the expectation that they will be starved is not feasible and does nothing to discourage them.


Some people try to move into another room of their house with the hopes that the bedbugs will eventually become discouraged. However, they have a variety of senses that furthermore adds to the level of difficulty that exists when it comes to removing them. For starters, they can sense carbon dioxide. Therefore, no matter where you go in your house they will find you. They also have the ability to sense chemical odours, as well. Additionally, they have light sensitive eyes that essentially enable them to see better in the dark and also to detect the heat signature of the human body.

So How Do You Remove Them Then?

As mentioned before, leaving your place of residence will not discourage them and they have the ability to detect chemical odours such as consumer grade pesticides. Therefore, if you want to eradicate these critters once and for all it’s highly recommended that you contact a pest removal company that specializes in bed bug treatments in Victoria, BC. Many companies that provide bed bug treatments in Victoria, BC have access to chemicals that a typical consumer would not be able to acquire. Additionally, based on the fact that they are a business, they get the opportunity to utilize the latest technology in bed bug treatments, as well.


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